Best Executive Aircraft Size for Corporate

Which Private Executive Aircraft is the Right Size for your Company?

There are several kinds of aircraft. Undoubtedly, all are luxurious in their way. But size and capability vary in every jet. To select the ideal size of the jet, you should consider your needs first. This blog post resolves your query regarding the selection of the right jet. Firstly have a look at all the considerable factors before selection. Learn about the many advantages of private air travel in our guide on why you should always choose flying private.

Considerable Points

Some key points should be considered first. These assist in selecting the suitable size of the jet.

Your Personal Needs

Select the right aircraft according to your requirements. This means you expect which facilities and speed. Every jet has its specifications. So, explain your preferences to consultants. They will assist you in selecting the right jet.

Group Size

The size of your group is important to consider. Every jet has a different number of seats for passengers. If you are traveling with a larger team, a small jet is not appropriate for you.

Travel Distance

The travel distance matters the most. For example, light jets can’t provide non-stop flying on long-distance flights. They will take a fuel stop. And their speed will be less compared to bigger ones.

Luggage Volume

According to the aircraft size, luggage space varies too. For carrying larger stuff, a small jet is not the right choice. Because it allows only a small traveling bag and a little personal bag. So, luggage size is important to consider when choosing an aircraft.

Contact the Consultant

If you are planning a trip, contact the air transfer company’s consultant. If you contact us, our customer support team is available 24 hours, around a year. Feel free to contact our team anytime. The consultants will guide you about the right aircraft. Explain your all requirements to them. Our fleet comprises every type of jet, from small to large. A luxurious travel with ease and comfort is guaranteed.

Categories of Executive Aircraft

Let’s go through every kind of executive jet. It will clear out your mind about selecting the perfect jet. Every jet differs in size and specifications. This means their speed limit and range vary according to size. Have a look at every category in detail.

Micro-Sized Airplane

These can accommodate 4 to 6 passengers. These are the smallest aircraft compared to others. These jets provide the facilities for charging pots and broad chairs. You can have an ideal business travel with them. But these are perfectly suitable for short-haul business trips. These can cover a maximum of 3 hours distance non-stop. Their baggage limit is less. Its baggage space is not more than 70 cubic feet. Only one pilot operates this jet. Embraer Phenom 100 and Cessna Citation Mustang are examples.

Light Aircraft

These are broad enough to carry up to 8 persons. Their speed limit is up to 500 miles/hour. Their range is enough to cover an unstoppable 3 to 4 hours distance. These are well-known for corporate business trips with guaranteed reliability. These jets don’t require bigger airports and runways. This aspect is ideal for business people. Their time saves, which is impossible in hectic commercial airports.

Medium Size Aircraft

These jets can easily accommodate you on short-distance or long-distance flights. Their cabin size is broad enough to accommodate up to 10 people. With a reach of 2200 nautical miles, these can cover a non-stop 5-hour distance. There is an extra space for baggage and the interior is fully furnished. Their size allows utmost ease and comfort for official trips.

Super Midsize Aircraft

These can cover non-stop 7 hours of distance. Because their reach is thirty-five hundred nautical miles. These allow 14 passengers to travel at a time. You can transform your passenger seat into a bed for more relaxation. They can easily cover long-distance flights. These jets allow you to carry more baggage. These offer extra standing room. In short, these are ideal choices for long-haul official trips.

Heavy Aircraft

Their wide cabin area can accommodate almost 16 persons. With a reaching limit of 6000 km, these can cover a non-stop distance of 9 hours. A Wi-Fi network connection, fuel efficiency, and an aesthetic interior are good facilities. The phone services are also intact. These features are perfectly suitable for longer business flights.

Extra-Long Reach Heavy Aircraft

For experiencing outclass flight, these jets will be your perfect flying partner. Their cabins are wide enough to provide separate areas for every task. For example, a separate dining hall, TV lounge, resting area, and meeting room. These can accommodate up to 19 persons. Their reach limit is 6000 to 6500 miles.

Final Words

We have covered the considerable factors and types of executive jets in detail. Further, we are here to provide luxurious jets of your choice. Contact our 24/7 available team to book your executive aircraft.

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