What are FBO Airports?

What are FBO Airports: A Complete Guide

As we know the aircraft industry is getting advanced nowadays. With its growth, FBO services came into existence. FBO airports put an effort to ease the passengers during flight. Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) airports deliver additional facilities for your comfort.

Because these airports completely understand your needs. You are free to choose these services of your choice. This blog post is a detailed guide about FBO Airports and the facilities they provide. So, stay here to update yourself with a must-to-know guide about FBOs. Also take a look at our list of five most expensive private aircraft globally and who owns them.

A Brief Look of FBO

These airports have a private aircraft terminal. They work to provide a smooth experience to travelers and pilots. Some major airports have more than one FBO. These are made to provide additional facilities for passengers.

After World War I, the aircraft industry faced a downfall in America. There were no rules and regulations at that time. Then, to establish a permanent business, the term FBO appeared. In 1926, the Air Commerce Act was a great action. It forced the hiring of licensed pilots. And forced pilots should be capable of jet maintenance.

Facilities for FBO Travelers

  • These airports provide free internet connection (Wi-Fi).
  • Properly clean toilets and dressing rooms are provided to travelers.
  • You can meet with your private jet pilot before flying.
  • They provide competitive pilots and flight crew for your safety and comfort.
  • You are served with the food of your choice. And everything is of the high quality.
  • They provide a luxury seating area. It consists of comfortable leather seats. You can wait for the other people here.
  • They provide luxury transport for you. There are multiple options including limousines and buses. You can book according to your group size.
  • On your request, they can arrange short flights too.
  • Before boarding on flight, you are provided with a clean place. You can refresh yourself there.
  • You are allowed to travel with your pets. Even a separate area is available for pets. You can leave your pets there. The pets will be secure
  • The showers are also available for passengers.
  • The attendant services are also provided. This means a car/taxi is hired on your request. You can also request accommodation arrangements.
  • You have a proper guide about everything you need during your stay. For example, the nearby tour points, hotels, and restaurants.
  • They provide private meeting rooms. You can have official conversations. No one will disturb you there.
  • Duty-free shops and movie theaters are provided to passengers.
  • Most of them have restaurants, drinks stalls, and coffee shops.
  • They also offer some free snacks to passengers.

Besides these services, you will get a safe and comfortable flight experience. There will be no delayed flights. And you don’t have to wait in long lines. Your luggage will be 100% safe. So, you will be free from the stress of losing your luggage. Their main focus is to provide easiness during your flight time.

Facilities for FBO Owners

FBO airports provide countless benefits to flight owners.

These include:

  • They save the cost of flight owners. Because there is a facility for jet maintenance at the airport. The jet remains mechanically fit. And their regular checkup is done. So, no severe breakdown occurs. And no money is wasted on repairing.
  • They also offer long-term repair contracts for owners. If they avail contract, then it will be more money-saving for them.
  • If owners work with FBOs, their time is saved too. Because they promise on-time flying of planes. There will be no delays or missing flights.
  • They help the owners to gain a good reputation among their customers. Because lavishing facilities satisfy the clients.
  • Owners’ businesses grow extensively. Because customers recommend others to use their flights. This is because of customers’ smooth experience.

All of these are benefits of Fixed-Base Operator airports for owners. Being a flight owner, you can get all.

Facilities for FBO Crew

They also provide many services to the flight team.

These include:

  • They provide comfortable restrooms for flight crew and pilots.
  • They also provide a separate room to the flight team. In this room, the pilots and crew can prepare themselves for flight. Or they can plan something about the upcoming flight.
  • The lounges are also provided to all team members of the flight. There are comfortable leather seats for sitting.
  • Some of them also have transport options for the flight team. This facility is always available for travelers. But it is also offered to the flight team members some time.
  • Most of them also provide accommodation to the flight team.

Final Words

In short, FBO airports are significant modifications in the aircraft industry. Private Jet Charter is a leading air transfer company providing FBO services. We provide luxury private jets to deliver an unforgettable flying experience. Get a quote for your next flight and book a trip. Experience our world-class services today!

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