Top 5 Celebrity Aircraft

Top 5 Private Jets Owned by Billionaires and Celebrities

Having a private jet is considered lavish. That’s why the richest people feel proud to own private jets. The world’s most celebrities have availed of this luxury. The planes offer privacy too. So, celebrates consider purchasing them for family/official trips. Along with this, time is saved too. The media mainly focuses on the celebrity jets. This blog covers everything about the Top 5 Billionaires’ private jets. Let’s dive into the details.

Celebrities Owned Private Aircraft

Tom Cruise (Actor)

Almost everyone is aware of Tom Cruise, who is a popular Hollywood actor. He has a keen interest in aviation. Because of his interest and private travels, he bought personal aircraft. He is a public figure, so public travel was not relaxing for him. He is not the owner of a single personal aircraft. He comprises a minimum of two private jets.

The first one is a trendy P-51 Mustang airliner. This fighter jet was established in 1946, after the Second World War. Tom Cruise took its ownership in 2001. It was used in the modern Maverick movie, “Top Gun”. The other one is a Gulfstream IV aircraft. It belongs to a series of stylish jets, which were established in 1985.

Elon Musk (Entrepreneur)

According to July 2023, he is the richest man globally. He has ownership of the one personal jet. He feels safe in his private aircraft and enjoys traveling in it. He has one of the best aircraft “Gulfstream G650”. The registration number is N628TS. In 2016, he bought this efficient aircraft. He is very satisfied with its time-saving aspect. He offered it to a student for $5000 to prevent tracking. The two other famous people also own Gulfstream G650. One of them is Mogul (Fellow Business) and the other is Jet Bezos (Amazon Founder).

Undoubtedly, the G650 is a masterpiece. But Elon Musk is considering buying the latest Gulfstream G700 shortly. He has the passion to travel in the newest model. The famous business person sold his private jet in 2022. He is the owner of “Louis Vuitton” named Bernard Arnault. Because rivals were tracking his flights. Because it’s not easy to have a personal aircraft.

Bill Gates (Microsoft’s Owner)

Bill Gates, the world’s top-known and self-made billionaire, is a Microsoft developer. His net worth is almost $130 billion. In 1975, he established Microsoft with his partner. When new items like MS Office were released, he became famous. And his company reached the value of $61 million. So, he became the world’s richest person too. So, he preferred to purchase private jets.

He has a collection of four personal aircraft. Along with that, he owns a Eurocopter EC 135 helicopter and a Cessna 208 Seaplane. He has two Bombard Challenger 350S and two Gulfstream G650ER’s. The specific features of the latter make it the Royal Royce of business aircraft. Gulfstream G650ER’s costs around $70 million. It accommodates almost 18 persons. Its maximum speed is 982 km/h and a reach of 12,960 km.

Jet Bezos (Amazon’s Founder)

Everyone is aware of the world’s most reliable shopping platform “Amazon”. Its annual sale has reached a limit of $386 billion. This online platform contains almost everything from food items to electronics. Amazon’s founder, Jet Bezos’ net worth is $185 billion. He is a Gulfstream G650’s lover. He purchased it in the recent past. Before that, he was the owner of the Dassault Falcon 300EX. Leathery seats inside, handmade stone art, and wooden coating make it attractive.

This latest aircraft has decreased his travel time. The wide cabin is noise-free. So, the ambience is perfect for business trips. The oval-shaped windows allow sunlight and catchy views. For a world tour, it’s the ideal space to eat, rest and official meetings. Bezos is very happy to have it. Because he is a business person. And his business has extended internationally. And the official trips are his way around the year.

Mark Cuban (Businessman)

Mark Cuban is a well-known Film producer and businessman globally. He belongs to America.  He is known mainly as an owner of the Dallas Maverick. Public also knows him as a television personality. His net worth is $5.1 billion. He has two private jets. One is a Gulfstream G550 and the other is a Boeing 757-200.

He uses Gulfstream G550 for individual/family trips. He bought it for $40 million in 1999. At that time, it was the world’s largest official transaction. He uses Boeing 757-200 for corporate business travels. Recently, he made special adjustments to it for work. For example, he arranged special meeting set-ups. Alongside, he selected space for medical treatments.

The Final Words

Buying this luxury aircraft is not a budget-friendly option. So every person can’t afford it. But you can enjoy these private jets with use. Experience safe business trips and top privacy with Private Jet Charter. Get a quote for your next trip now!

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