Luggage Allowed on a Private Jet

How Much Luggage Can You Bring On a Private Jet?

Flying on a private jet is a luxurious way to transfer. It provides lavishing facilities, whether it’s seating, food, or else. But how can anyone forget the luggage-carrying aspect? If you are going to experience a private jet flight, you must be thinking about luggage.

Because baggage matters a lot, when we think about traveling. And it becomes a headache when everything is compulsory to carry to the destination. So we resolve your query, “What’s the maximum capacity of a private aircraft to carry luggage”.  

You must be confused about the type of baggage which you can carry. We will answer that question too. This blog post covers everything about it which is a must to know. Let’s start exploring it in detail. Before we dive in, if you’re considering private flying, it’s very important to know what are FBO airports. Read our quick guide on everything you need to know about FBO airports and what they has to offer for private flight travelers.

Baggage Range of a Private Aircraft

The baggage capacity varies according to the size of a private jet. The luggage you can carry depends on the aircraft you’re flying. Every jet from smaller to larger has different space. So, luggage capacity varies accordingly. For example, you can carry six pieces in a medium-sized jet like Citation XLS. Because it has 90.2 cubic space of baggage. Let’s dive into the baggage capacity of every aircraft.

Small Aircraft’s Baggage Limit

This aircraft is designed for smaller group travel. Because it provides 6 to 7 seats for passengers. Overall, it includes a baggage space of almost 55 cubic feet. But it can vary too with the model. For example, Hawker 400XP has a 0.75 cubic meter area for baggage. This private jet is an ideal aircraft for short-distance travel. Because then there is no need to carry a lot of stuff. It’s perfectly suitable for business travels.

Because official tours don’t demand more luggage. Remember that it doesn’t allow you to carry larger musical gadgets or golf clubs. If all the seats are full with passengers, then you can carry items including:

  • One small traveling bag
  • One small personal bag. For example, a backpack.

Medium-Sized Aircraft’s Baggage Limit

This jet offers 8 passenger seats. It has a baggage area of approximately 60 cubic feet. But every model has its specific room for luggage. For example, Embraer Legacy 450 provides 4.25 cubic meters of baggage area. This extra area allows you to carry up to 23kg and 1 personal bag.

If there are not many people on board, then you can carry larger stuff too. For example, you can carry musical instruments and skis. But that’s not applicable in situations when every seat is filled with passengers. Because then no seat extra seat is available for bigger stuff.

Basically, you can carry the items in a midsized aircraft including:

  • One traveling bag (up to 23 kg)
  • One self-carrying bag (For example,a backpack or a briefcase)

Super Midsize Aircraft’s Baggage Limit

With the increase in the size of the jet, baggage capacity and seating area increases automatically. So, super midsize jets have a larger room for baggage. It provides 8 to 10 commuters’ seats. Compared to midsize jets, it provides an extra 30 cubic feet of baggage area. This extra space is fair enough for larger items like golf clubs and skis.

Gulfstream G200 is an example of a super-midsize aircraft. Overall, you can carry these items:

  • 2 Medium-sized traveling bags. For example, suitcases or roller bags.
  • 1 self-carrying bag. For example, a backpack.

Largest Aircraft’s Baggage Limit

It is larger in size compared to other jets. So it has a seating arrangement for 10 to 12 passengers. The room for baggage has an area of almost 125 cubic feet. Besides suitcases, you can carry bigger stuff too. For example, you are free to carry golf clubs, skis, or other larger items. Because there is no issue of limited space in the plane.

If talk about Falcon 900LX, it offers 12 to 14 seats for travelers. There is a separate bedroom in it. This facility makes it an ideal choice for long-distance flights. The baggage space is available everywhere, whether it’s cabin or the hold.

Overall, you can carry these items:

  • Two traveling bags (Larger in size)
  • One self-carrying bag (Backpack)
  • Bigger items. For example, musical instruments.

Stuff Allowed in Private Jets

Which type of stuff you can carry is also important to know. Compared to commercial planes, private aircraft allow many items to carry like:

  • Pets are allowed to carry. Most airline companies don’t impose extra charges for it.
  • Musical Instruments
  • Full-size bottles of liquids
  • Sports equipment like skis
  • Golf clubs

However, the quantity of baggage depends on the size of the aircraft, as mentioned above.

Final Words

We have disclosed everything about the baggage area of a private aircraft. It depends on the size of the private jet, you are traveling with. If you are searching for comfortable flights, Get a quote and book your private jet today!

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