Five most costly aircraft in the world

5 Most Expensive Aircraft in the World

Having your own aircraft is beyond the level of happiness. Undoubtedly, flying in a private aircraft is considered a luxury. But buying them requires a heavy budget. Because it’s the power of money. Your aircraft will entertain you with extreme privacy. You will not get irritated with other passengers’ noise. We have covered the five most costly private aircraft globally. Stay tuned to explore all. Before we dive in, Are you confused about choosing the right private jet for your business travels? Check out our guide for expert advice on which private jet is best for your executive trips.

World’s Most Lavish-Air Bus A380

This jet costs around $500 million. It is something beyond your expectations. It comprises luxurious facilities, a classy interior, and a stunning exterior. In 2007, “Alwaleed Bin Talal” purchased it. He is a Saudi Prince. He named his aircraft “The Flying Palace”. Its seating space is enough for almost 525 persons.

You will never feel homesick if you purchase it. This airbus has 5 larger bedrooms for rest. For business travel, it has two meeting rooms. This conference area is perfect for official conversation. It also comprises a garage. It flies at a speed of 1050 km/r. Its flying reach is 15,700 kilometers. It’s enough for unstoppable flying from Riyadh to NYC.

It has a total area of 550 meters square. It has a Turkish-style bath and a concert hall too. Even it comprises extra space for animals. Prince accommodates his horses and camels too. He uses these animals for transportation. Prince also has his prayer room in it.

Air Bus 340-300

It costs around $400-500 million. It has a speed of 570 mph and a reach of 8512 miles. This range is suitable for comfortable international flights. For example, you can have an unstoppable flight from Moscow to Tokyo. It has a quite bigger seating area for up to 300 people. The presence of 4 engines and extra-long reach allows it to travel on any air route.

One Wealthier Person “Oligarch Alisher Usmanov” belonging to Russia has bought it. When he purchased it, it cost almost $230 million. But he invested a lot in furnishing it classically. Almost $170 million was spent to prepare a lavish dining room, seating area, restroom, and bathrooms. He has named it “Bourkhan” because of his father’s name.

Boeing 747-8VIP

Greenpoint Technologies design its interior with quality material. It is perfect for business travel. It comprises an office and a meeting room. It costs almost $367 million. Joseph Lau has its ownership. He is the top business person in Hong Kong. He purchased it for $153 million at that time. But he spent an extra $214 million on its changes. He added on luxury guest cabin. The dining area of almost 14 people seating was a new addition.

Leather seats within a TV lounge and 2 larger TVs were also added. He also arranged a larger office, an alcoholic bar, and a gym setup.  This aircraft has an interior of 445 meters square. It has two levels which are interconnected with twist stairs. It has a speed of 1195 km/h. It has a reach of 92 miles. This range is enough to fly from London to Sydney.

Boeing 787-8BBG

This aircraft is also named as Dreamliner. It has a seating area for almost 300 people. It costs almost $300 million. It has a total cabin area of 2400 square feet. This cabin comprises a master bedroom with an extra-large bed. This area also occupies a larger bath with an ultra-large shower and a cupboard. The cabin’s ground is furnished with marble.

This aircraft has a lavishing area for dining and lounging. It has a separate space for seating that includes 18 business-class and 6 economy-class seats. China HNA Group invested an extra $100 million in 2016 to modify it. These changes have made it a luxury private aircraft. It is specifically designed as a business aircraft.

Anti-Missile:Boeing 767-33A ER

This aircraft costs around $170 million. A Russian Business Tycoon “Roman Abramovich” has its ownership. Its seating area has almost 269 seats for travelers.

Its speed is 850 km/h. It has a flying reach of 11,090 kilometers. This reaching value is enough to travel from London to Singapore. This aircraft covers this distance without any fuel stop.

This private jet has a special anti-missile system. Its dining area has seats for almost 30 people. This area is quite enough to transfer the entire Chelsea football team easily. The dining area has a golden-colored theme and is loaded in chestnut.

Final Words

We have explained the most pricey private aircraft globally. Some billionaires own them too. But that’s not a budget-friendly option for every person. We have a variety of private jets, either you hire for vacation or business travel. Comfort and safety are promising. So, book your private aircraft and enjoy your trip.

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